I'm currently using the Lightstreamer version 6.0.3 (& 6.0.1), and, when I try to connect using websockets, following the TLCP Specifications document, but got 403 and an message in log's file.

I tried with bellow command:

JS Command:
var websocket = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:8080/lightstreamer',['Sec-WebSocket-Protocol','TLCP-2.1.0.lightstreamer.com']);

Result: 403

LS Server Log:
02-abr-20 10:03:00,578|WARN |ightstreamerLogger.connections.WS|SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Received websocket upgrade request with no acceptable subprotocol: unsupported.

Tried the same with currently online server (latest version of LS) wss://push.lightstreamer.com/lighstreamer and works like a charm.

The question is, wich subprotocol should I use with version 6.0.1 (&6.0.3) to work with websockets transport? I have not found any documentation about this.