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    Push different content to specific set of clients


    Would it be possible to use the same LS instance to push a specific content just to a set of clients?
    Maybe Message Routing is what i'm looking for?

    We have two backends pushing data to lightstreamer adapter. Can the adapter push one backend data to a set of clients and the other to another set?

    Thank you

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    Hi torquyme,

    Yes sure, Lightstreamer provides a publish and subscribe (pub-sub) paradigm, to decouple message producers from message consumers.
    So each client can subscribe to a subset of the Items supported by your Data Adapters. Furthermore by leveraging Metadata Adapters you can control server-side which Items each client is entitled to subscribe to.
    In your specific case you can use two different Items one for each set of client.

    Please take a look at section 2.2 of our "General Concepts" documentation and let us know if you need any further clarifications.




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