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    Crash in iOS client when trying to unsubscribe

    Our app recently started crashing when unsubscribing from Lightstreamer on the Lightstreamer iOS Client function,
    -[LSSubscription isActive]
    . The last line of the stack trace following this is

    Looking at the changelog of the iOS client library, the release notes for 4.1.2 state that

    Fixed race condition that under rare circumstances could have caused a crash when closing a connection that was actively receiving data.
    Could someone please confirm whether this crash is caused by the mentioned race condition in the release notes or whether it is something unrelated?

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    you should contact and provide the following information:
    - The Lightstreamer Server version you are using.
    - The iOS Client version causing the crash.
    - The iOS version and device where the crash is happening.
    - The full crash report.

    We will investigate and reply as soon as possible.
    Best regards.



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