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    Quote Originally Posted by lxnay
    Thanks for your patience,
    I just reviewed your changes and didn't see anything that could cause the freeze on the connection attempt (the socket in use is a blocking socket, hence the freeze if the server cannot be reached, until timeout, which is set at ~30 seconds by default).
    I have two suspects by the way:
    1. The server cannot be reached, might be some firewall? Can you reach the server from the browser (just connect to the same URL)
    The server is definitely reachable. I can connect manually via http as well as other lightstreamer clients are using this server. We have a second server in a different data center as well that I can reach via HTTP but I see the same behavior with the RTD server as the primary (hangs in connect, no traffic going to the server in wireshark).

    Quote Originally Posted by lxnay
    2. More probable: you are not using your re-compiled .dll. You probably installed the demo and your Visual Studio is not overriding registry settings created by the demo installation. This is easy to fix, just open the registry editor (regedit) and look for the following keys:

    - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{2368E0E6-1ED6-3C39-8FAE-45B4A9FB53F3}\InprocServer32\CodeBase
    - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{2368E0E6-1ED6-3C39-8FAE-45B4A9FB53F3}\InprocServer32\\CodeBase

    [or just search through the whole registry for RTDLibraryExcelDemo.dll]

    Make sure to overwrite the .dll at the path contained in the keys above or provide a valid path to your .dll by changing those default values.
    I can say with 100% certainty that the modified DLL is loading. I've modified the output to the status window to reflect where it is connecting to:

    flowForm.AppendExcelLog("Connecting to " + pushServerUrl);

    Any modifications like this are present in the GUI window after a recompile and subsequent load of the spreadsheet. You can see the screenshot for the new output.
    NEW MODIFICATION was added to the output string. I then recompiled, moved the dll and reloaded the spreadsheet. The changes are definitely reflected in the new window that opens.
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