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    VPN are blocking the LS update

    I have connected LS server from my application, for us it's working fine without any issue. One of my client checked in Singapore and he said not working, while I checked through any desk by developer tool lsClient connection not getting establish. Connection refused issue comes. This only comes their system connected with their VPN, while I connect another network this is working fine. Whether I need to do any extra work for VPN servers. Please help on this issue. My site url is
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    Hi rvkvino,

    Indeed a VPN should be transparent from the client's point of view, and therefore no special configurations in Lightstreamer are needed.

    But, what can be the cause of the issue are restrictions imposed by the network environment outgoing the VPN of the customer involved. For example, there may be restrictions in the range of TCP ports enabled and maybe the 8080 port you use is not allowed.
    Could you verify if these restrictions actually exist?




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