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    FATAL EXCEPTION: Connection close activity


    we have the same problem and need a bugfix as soon as possible because we are running out of time.

    We are implementing an android app at the moment and there is an problem if the phone is losing it connectivity or the phone is switching from 3g to wifi or smething like this.

    We've tested the some szenario with your demo app, same problem:

    E/AndroidRuntime(26055): FATAL EXCEPTION: Connection close activity
    E/AndroidRuntime(26055): java.lang.NullPointerException
    E/AndroidRuntime(26055): at http.HttpURLConnectionImpl$ ChunkSize(
    E/AndroidRuntime(26055): at http.HttpURLConnectionImpl$ChunkedInputStream.skip OutstandingChunks(
    E/AndroidRuntime(26055): at http.HttpURLConnectionImpl$ChunkedInputStream.clos e(
    E/AndroidRuntime(26055): at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.PushServerProxy$
    W/ActivityManager( 332): Force finishing activity

    We've already gave the app to selected user group and this is a common scenario. May you can help us?

    Thank you in advance.

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    We also have found a similar issue, that we have identified as a bug in the Android base libraries for specific environments.
    We observed that when a socket is forcibly closed by the application while data is still being received, a syntax-related exception can be issued either to the invocation of close() or to the currently blocked invocation of read().
    Your case seems to be a variant of the one we got to know.

    We are implementing workarounds for these issues in the java client library, to be available upon the next release of LS.
    Our online Android demo, whose resources can be found here, is based on a more recent version of the java client library and we may apply new workarounds on that library sooner.
    The latter library is compatible with Server version 3.6 as long as the SendMessage support is not used and may be used as an unsupported preview of the fixed library.

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    Hi Thomas,

    we've released an update to the android lib that should solve your issue.
    The library is not yet officially released so that it is not available in our standard distribution package, btw you can find a copy of the new jar with the sources of our android demo located at

    Any feedback is appreciated.



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