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    multiple clients - filtered messaging


    we are very new to LS (2 hours), but getting up to speed quickly. experienced java programmer and have the HelloWorld tutorial up and running. configured to run under eclipse, too.

    now to work..

    we have a c++ application that supports multiple clients. works fine. now we want it to issue messages: info, warning, error. these messages should be sent to multiple subscribers at a web browser.

    // server side "java"
    ourLSAdapter.receiveServerMessage( String type, String msg );

    this seems like a plum job for LS, no?

    so, we need to connect multiple clients to the message server, and these clients must be able to indicate that they are interested in all messages, info only, warning only, error only, warning or better, etc.

    // client side "javascript"
    var lsListener = new Something( "OurLSAdapter" );
    lsListener.subscribe( "WARNING", function( msg ) { .... } );

    again, seems ideal for LS.

    how? i am grateful for the javadocs on the adapter api, and the javadoc-like docs on the javascript client api. however, LS is short on examples of how LS may be used in different situations. or tutorials.

    would be wonderful to have java source code for all the demo adapters..

    i feel like this is a fairly simple problem to solve, and would be appreciative of even a nudge in the right direction.

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    the sources of most of our adapters are available in the distribution packages, take a look under the DOCS-SDKs subfolder, each SDK has its own examples; the examples under sdk_adapter_java are the demo we also have deployed on our server.

    We use an approach that is similar to the one you want to implement in our MonitorConsole. The adapter sources of such application are not available as embedded in the server code, btw you can see how the web client is implemented ( under the LS_HOME/pages/demos/MonitorDemo folder)


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    got it. thanks. i got the chat demo to work with our messaging server.

    thank you tons.



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