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    Creating Many Data Adapters for on Meta Data Adapter


    I have a plan to build a general adapter for my project, the idea is to build a single adapter which can respond with the data based on the customer requirements.

    • if the client wish to subscribe with MERGE, it will get the data of the MERGE subscription.
    • if the client wish to subscribe with COMMAND, it will get the data of the COMMAND subscription.

    Is that possible with light streamer or not? if yes, Is it recommended or not?

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    Hi ManKeer,

    since the responsibility to control and force the subscription modes for each Item is attributed to the Metadata what you want to do is not possible. You should switch from a model with 1 Metadata and n Data adapters to a model with n Metadata and n Data adapters. But I am aware that it might be too complicated.

    What we recommend is to have different Items for different subscription modes so that they can be managed by the same Metadata. Then it is your free choice whether to supply only one Data adapter or more than one each for each type of Items.




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