I've build the first Hello World example () succesfully. When I try it on "http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld/" it runs without any problems.

Now I would port these simple example on my local webserver to run it f.e. under "http://www.mytest.de/HelloWorld/".

This are the steps I've done:

1. host file
is set to: www.mytest.de push.mytest.de

2. locale web server
I've created a folder 'HelloWorld' under the 'htdocs' folder in my locale web server.
In this 'HelloWorld' folder I've created a 'LS' folder with all the required js files from the Lightstreamer installation and this index.html file:

HTML Code:
	<title>Hello World with Lightstreamer</title>
	<script language="JavaScript" src="LS/lscommons.js"></script>
	<script language="JavaScript" src="LS/lspushpage.js"></script>

<div source="lightstreamer" table="hellotable" item="greetings" field="message">loading...</div>
<div source="lightstreamer" table="hellotable" item="greetings" field="timestamp">loading...</div>

	var page = new PushPage();
	page.onEngineCreation = function(lsEngine) {
	page.createEngine("HelloWorldApp", "LS", "SHARE_SESSION");

	var pushtable = new OverwriteTable(null, null, "MERGE");
	page.addTable(pushtable, "hellotable");

3. Under "Lightstreamer\adapters\" I've a folder "HelloWorld" whit the "adapters.xml" file and the "classes" folder with the JAVA class files.

4. When I start the LS server (in command line) it starts without problems. After the start the example under "http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld/" runs correctly.

When I try to load the URL "http://www.mytest.de/HelloWorld/" I get the following error message:

What is wrong in my setup? As sayed above, under "http://localhost:8080/HelloWorld/" it is still running, under "http://www.mytest.de/HelloWorld/" I get the error.

Thanks in advance for the help.