We are experiencing some connectivity problems.

If I have a page with 4 subscriptions, very often (multiple times a day) the lightstreamer stops sending messages for 1 or more items. Some of them works perfect while other simply doesn't receive any messages. Even with a page refresh it's a problem. The unsubscribe method isn't called.

Last afternoon when I left work the client was working as intended. I received an update from the ligthstreamer at 16:24. However this morning it doesn't work for any of the items. I can only see this in the lightstreamer log:

2010-12-01 23:30:54,199 INFO [LightstreamerLogger.requests] Serving request: /lightstreamer/STREAMING_IN_PROGRESS?LS_session=S9eb6689a1a4c1bf4 T4843984&LS_phase=7804&LS_domain=autorola.de& from
2010-12-01 23:30:54,200 TRACE [LightstreamerLogger.requests] Applying slowing factor of 1.0
2010-12-01 23:30:54,200 INFO [LightstreamerLogger.requests] Attaching session: S9eb6689a1a4c1bf4T4843984 from

There are no other log between 16:24 and 23:30:54. There are no unsubscribe or anything. If I refresh the page there are still no subscriptions.

I see the two problems described as two separate problems. However they are both connectivity problems. Do you have any idea what is going on?