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    Connectivity issues


    We are experiencing some connectivity problems.

    If I have a page with 4 subscriptions, very often (multiple times a day) the lightstreamer stops sending messages for 1 or more items. Some of them works perfect while other simply doesn't receive any messages. Even with a page refresh it's a problem. The unsubscribe method isn't called.

    Last afternoon when I left work the client was working as intended. I received an update from the ligthstreamer at 16:24. However this morning it doesn't work for any of the items. I can only see this in the lightstreamer log:

    2010-12-01 23:30:54,199 INFO [LightstreamerLogger.requests] Serving request: /lightstreamer/STREAMING_IN_PROGRESS?LS_session=S9eb6689a1a4c1bf4 T4843984&LS_phase=7804& from
    2010-12-01 23:30:54,200 TRACE [LightstreamerLogger.requests] Applying slowing factor of 1.0
    2010-12-01 23:30:54,200 INFO [LightstreamerLogger.requests] Attaching session: S9eb6689a1a4c1bf4T4843984 from

    There are no other log between 16:24 and 23:30:54. There are no unsubscribe or anything. If I refresh the page there are still no subscriptions.

    I see the two problems described as two separate problems. However they are both connectivity problems. Do you have any idea what is going on?



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    There is no evidence of a connectivity problem.
    The rebind at 23:30:54 demonstrates that keepalive data have been sent normally.
    Hence, the issues may be on the Data Adapter side.

    Please set the "LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions" logging category at DEBUG level.
    It traces both subscription/unsubscription requests to the Data Adapter and updates received from the Data Adapter.

    By the way, note that you should not expect unsubscriptions/subscriptions towards the Data Adapter upon a browser page refresh;
    in fact, the subscriptions are kept for a few seconds after the old page closes just to ensure that they are still active when the new page starts.



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