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    realtime live data from excel to SQL server

    i am new to this tool, and i am wondering if it can help me doing the following .

    basically i want to capture any cell changes in an excel spreadsheet and update a sql server database with the corresponding data .

    any idea is welcome .


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    Hi issam1975,

    If the excel spreadsheet run on a client machine (maybe you have multiple of this clients) and the SQL Server on a server-side machine, use of Lightstreamer makes sense.
    In the client-side you need to capture the change events with MS Office library available - as far as I know, in different languages for example c#, VB, Java - this is outside the scope of Lightstreamer.
    At this point you can develop a simple client using one of our client libraries that connects to the Lightstreamer server, and every time you get a new value for a cell executes a sendmessage that transfers the data to the server.

    At the server side you only need to specialize our basic Metadata Adapter, to implement clients authentication and write all received messages into the db.

    Please let us know if you need any further clarifications.




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