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    LS wont run from installed version

    I ran the bash install script which built the relative directories under /opt.

    Initial install failed to run because "//logs/LS.out" directory did not exist ( it did in both the original deployed home directory and the /opt version )

    I appear to have got around that but trying to run the init.d start script I get the following in the syslog

    Oct 26 09:55:27 localhost[4260]: fs.file-nr = 1920#0110#011367668Oct 26 09:55:27 localhost[4260]: Lightstreamer Server directory:
    Oct 26 09:55:27 localhost[4260]: LS_HOME = "/Lightstreamer"
    Oct 26 09:55:27 localhost[4260]: Lightstreamer Server main configuration file:
    Oct 26 09:55:27 localhost[4260]: LS_CONFIG = "/Lightstreamer/conf/lightstreamer_conf.xml"
    Oct 26 09:55:27 localhost[4260]: Starting Lightstreamer Server...
    Oct 26 09:55:27 localhost[4260]: Please check logs for detailed information.
    and LS goes no further.

    It s odd because LS_HOME is 'Lightstreamer and not /opt/lightstreamer for a start.

    Running the original background script gets a succesful start and run of LS.

    Running Ubuntu 18.04
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