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    How to enqueue messages and delivery them each second one by one?


    I'm testing Lighstreamer Server, and I would like if I can enqueue the messages and delivery each second one by one.


    The Adapter receives 100 updates, the messages are enqueue, then each second, one messages is delivery to the client.

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    probably best to spawn a process to deliver them to Lightstreamer at the required period!

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    Hi mpaz,

    You could leverage the DISTINCT subscription mode with MaxFrequency requested to 1 (
    Please note that the client have to specify the Max Frequency only in case your license allows more than 1 update/sec.

    Please also note that in this case your Data Adapter can push immediately all the 100 updates to the Lightstreamer server; the updates are stored in an internal Queueing buffer and dispatched to the client with the desired frequency.
    The internal buffer can be sized both client side with this method ( or in the server conf file with the <max_buffer_size> parameter.
    But you should be aware that the concept of unlimited buffer is only teroric, in reality the buffer always has a maximum number of updates that it can contain, defined by the server side setting.
    If this limit is reached, new updates arriving from the adapter will cause the cancellation of the oldest waiting in the buffer, which will never be received by the client.

    Please let me know if you need any further clarifications.





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