Hello, I'm wondering what is the quickest way to proceed in accomplishing the following using .NET and Lightstreamer:

What I really want to do is expose a .NET web service that accepts as input a unique ID, and a data string. For example something like CustomerID, Status.

I have various backend applications that can update the status of that Item. When they do, I want them to call the .NET web service via a SOAP call with this new Status value. In turn, I want the .NET Web service to somehow invoke Lightstreamer which can then broadcast to all browsers that happen to be subscribed to updates for the Customer ID.

I see the example of Hello World and .NET but this seems to be using a self-generated data feed randomly switching between "hello" and "world". What is the best way to replace that feed with the feed being fed into my .NET web service?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ian T. Caiozzi