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    Question Importing Lightstreamer with Swift Package Manager

    As you might heard Xcode 11 now allows us to use Swift Package Manager for iOS projects. This allows us move away from CocoaPods or Carthage. I am already converted our Lightstreamer internal wrapper into Swift Package but I was unable to build it. I am getting errors when trying to import the framework:

    error: no such module 'Lightstreamer_iOS_Client'
    import Lightstreamer_iOS_Client

    I have also tried to wrap lightstreamer into its own SPM project and I am able to build it, but even if my package depends on it, it produces same error.

    Quick research showed me that Swift packages do not support binary frameworks, however I think it is worked in Xcode beta 5, now I am using Xcode beta 6 and it doesn't work any more.

    Ideally we would have Swift.package file into Lightstreamer client and this would allow us to import it, the code has to be open. Thank you.

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    we are investigating the problem. If it will be possible to wrap our client library in a Swift Package, we will surely do. Anyway, consider that we will wait for Xcode 11 to be GM before finalizing such wrapper. Don't hold your breath.



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