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    Run code at startup


    Is it possible to have Lightstreamer run our own code before starting any adapters?

    We wish to init a range of needed services before initing the adapters.



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    Only the "init" method of the various adapters was made available for initialization.
    However, the initializations for the configured Adapter Sets are run in parallel.
    So, there is no suitable place to perform a setup operation that has to precede all the various Adapter Sets.

    You should have your adapters collaborate, for instance, by having their "init" methods all synchronize on a common initialization function, which will run only upon the first invocation.

    Otherwise, you can only wrap the whole Server in your own "main" method, which would perform its stuff, then call the Server "main" method.
    In fact, we suggest leaning on the provided launch scripts, but you may launch the Server through a customized script.



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