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    receive data without stream connection

    Hello, we have implemented lightstreamer on our server and now our C++ application receives realtime data from LS via http streaming.

    We have some scenarios where keep-alive connections are not allowed (corporate & firewall policies, among others) and so we must have a "pooling mode", that might work like this:

    1. create a session, without keeping connection alive (no stream)
    2. subscribe some stocks to receive data
    3. make a request (once a second, for instance) to get available data

    So, is there any approach to get things working this way ?

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    Lightstreamer server specifically supports the so called long-polling mode for use-cases like yours. In this mode the connection is released as soon as the real-time notifications are sent.
    You can find more information on the guide Generic Clients: Network Protocol (TLCP) Specification in Docs page of Lightstreamer web site.
    Especially read the sections:
    - Session Life Cycle (p. 6)
    - the syntax of the client-server protocol (chapter 3, p. 22)
    - the discussion about parameters LS_polling, LS_polling_millis and LS_idle_millis in Session Binding Request (p. 24)
    - the Hands On examples (chapter 6, p. 64)

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    I'd make this way, after reading the docs and it's working very well.




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