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    itemUpdate.getNewValue throws strange exception


    As i got this strange error TypeError: this.LS_Qfy.LS_WPo is undefined
    i debugged the javascript code i wrote to handle LS updates.
    It seems that itemUpdate.getNewValue(schema[i]) throws this error, where schema[i] is array which contains all schema properties for which the user is subscribed.It seems that this error is always thrown exactly for one concrete prop of the schema properties. Since most of the schema properties are dynamically managed (add/remove on demand) i checked for this one, but it is static, i.e. it is added at initialization time is never removed.
    Any help will be appreciated.


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    if I remember correctly you're using the client library 4.3.1 build 1355.3

    That's not a problem on a field, what's undefined is the entire collection of values.
    I suppose you're calling the getNewValue method while the table is not pushing.

    If that's the case please note that you can't store the UpdateItemInfo: once the onItemUpdate method is executed the UpdateItemInfo can't be used as the client library will reuse the instance for the next update.

    Also, if you disconnect or remove the table during the onItemUpdate execution but before calling the getNewValue method, then the effect could be the same.

    Also if possible, I suggest you to upgrade the client library to the latest version (that is 4.4.1 build 1396.4)



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