Dear all,

How would you use the Lightstreamer technology to stream some bulk-data to a web-client?

Here is an explanation of the scenario I am trying to accomplish:

I have a large dataset sitting somewhere server-side - e.g. 500.000 records - that I want to deliver to a web-client (JavaScript, Flex, etc...). This is too large a file to simply download with a vanilla-AJAX call. So I want to stream this file in small little chunks (say, in bits of json or xml).

As chunks of that data come in, the client is doing stuff with it: Drawing a graph, calculating some aggregates, keeping relevant bits&pieces in memory - depending on the app logic.

Once all 500.000 records have arrived, I want for that particular session to close the connection to the server.

So in a sense, I am not really interested in subscribing to some sort of "real-time pulse" of data (like the Stock example - or most other Lightstreamer demos). I just want to take advantage of streaming technology in Lightstreamer to deliver a large dataset in small pieces.

Think of it as watching little Youtube videos online - each user gets the same video streamed to him start to finish. This as opposed to watching a live video-stream. I want to emulate the former as opposed to the latter for json/xml/x-amf data.

I need some help. Most of the samples on LightStreamer I can find are along the lines of displaying real-time data - sometimes filtered on user-preferences - but still not exactly what I am looking for.

Many many thanks to anybody who can put me on my way - to sample code (.NET preferably), other threads, ... whatever you think might help.

thank you,