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    Question Rasing an Exception from a Data Adapter

    We have code up several Data Adapters using .NET Lightstream API. We have .NET Window applications using the Lighstreamer .NET Client interfaces to receive push data.

    We would like to be able using IItemEventListner.Failure interface to raise an exception to the push engine. We would like to be able to capture this exception in the client via the method we provided when we implemented the IConnectionListener interface, specifically the OnFailure method (PushServerException).

    We created an exception but we do not see Lightstreamer calling the client? Should It? If not, is there a way to raise an exception in the data adapter such that the client can trap that exception?

    Second question. What is the behavior of raising an exception to Lightstreamer kernel?
    i.e., does it shutdown the kernel and Data Adapters? We are using the robust data adapters configuration.

    Thanks in advance.
    Peter Hiross

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    Actually, we use the same name ("failure") on the client and adapter interfaces, but they have different meanings. Sorry for being misleading.

    The client-side concept of "failure" refers to the connection with the Server.

    The adapter-side concept of "failure" refers to the consistency of the Data Adapter as a whole. By calling failure() or sending a FailureException, the Data Adapter notifies the Server that it needs to be restarted.
    Note that the Server, upon this request, can't help but close itself,
    UNLESS the request comes from a Remote Data Adapter and the Robust version of the Proxy Adapter is used.

    In order to send error notifications from the Data Adapter to the clients, special-purpose items have to be introduced by the application.



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