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    Windows 2008 Server R2 (64bit) [UPDATED: see last post in thread]

    Please describe the process for installing Lightstreamer as a windows service on 64bit windows platform? Thanks in advance for your response.

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    We currently do not support installation as a service on Windows 64-bit, though this can be achieved via third-party software, or with some direct development based on the sc.xe Windows utility.

    The included third-party "Java Service Wrapper" requires an upgrade to a paid license in order to support Windows 64-bit. Their site currently reports a price of 82.45 to get the Standard Edition 64-bit (

    Hope that helps.

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    Here a quick howto to install Lightstreamer as a service on a 64 bit windows machine. At the time of writing the latest version of the wrapper is 3.5.5.
    You can use both the standard and the professional edition (see for a quick comparison or for the details)
    • download and unzip the package on the server machine ( )
    • run the WRAPPER_HOME/bin/GetHostId.bat file and copy the generated HostId (WRAPPER_HOME is the folder where the package was unzipped)
    • go to , choose a license from the list, click "Generate Key" and compile the form (it will ask for the HostId).
      Note that for the list of licenses to appear you must be logged and you must have purchased a license or requested a trial.
    • download the generated license and copy its contents for later use
    • copy the WRAPPER_HOME/bin/wrapper.exe file to LIGHTSTREAMER_HOME/bin/windows/ (LIGHTSTREAMER_HOME is obviously the folder where you have your Lightstreamer installation). Overwrite the current file.
    • copy WRAPPER_HOME/lib/wrapper.jar and WRAPPER_HOME/lib/wrapper.dll to LIGHTSTREAMER_HOME/lib/native. Overwrite the current files.
    • edit the LIGHTSTREAMER_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf file:
      • add the following line as the first line of the file
      • configure JAVA_HOME and LS_HOME as explained in the comments.
      • put the contents of the wrapper-license.conf file
      • add the following line
    you can now run the LIGHTSTREAMER_HOME/bin/windows/Install_LS_as_Service.bat to install Lightstreamer as a service. It may need admistrator privileges to correctlty install the service.

    you can also customize the wrapper.conf following the wrapper documentation:

    Please note that, at least with windows 7, you can't install the Lightstreamer server in
    an user's folder, otherwise the installed service will not be able to run.


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    With the release of Lightstreamer 4 the old service wrapper was substituted.
    The new one supports 64 bit machines out of the box.

    find more details about it in the LS_HOME/bin/windows/README.TXT file



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