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    Question Previous Data Lost


    I am currently using Light Streaming feature using Flex. Every thing is going right except one thing that is I loss the previous data.
    I have a webservice that returns some data. I use this data to populate the grid. Then I connect to Light Streamer once i do, the data that was present on the grid gets vanished and the data from Light Streamer server populates on the grid. What I want to do is that I want to keep all the data as it is and when connect to Light Streamer only those columns should be updated whose data is available on the Light Streamer server.

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    you may use different approaches to reach your goal:
    • you may use a NonVisualTable instead of using a VisualTable and then populate the DataGrid with the received data (ie no automatic binding).
    • you may rewrite the lost data in the DataGrid when the grid is clean (take a look to how we populate the Custom field in our FlexStockListDemo)
    • you may subclass our VisualTable class and implement the functionality from the inside.
      In case you choose to go this way you have to know how the ArrayCollection class works. Also I'm not sure if this is feasible as we didn't took into consideration this approach when writing the VisualTable class thus there are no methods marked for override inside it, so, since there is a clean operation on the subscription start you may have difficulties going this way.



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