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    Managing sessions


    We have the following scenario: a client desktop log in our main server for access some services and then connect to LS to receive real-time data stream. Say this same client leave her desktop app logged in and then open another session in our main server. Our main server knows how to deal with this and no service will be accessible to the first logged in app but we realized that LS still keep sending data for this first session opened.

    Is there a way to invalidate a LS session from a Metadata Adapter? I was studying the API and it seems that only LS kernel make the calls and adapters have no access to this kind of operation.

    Thank you in advance.

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    The interruption of a session through the Metadata Adapter interface is a new feature that will be introduced by Server version 7.1.
    The public release of Server version 7.1 is planned for the near future, but no ETA has been established yet.

    For now, the interruption of a session can be operated from the Metadata Adapter (or any node in your back-end where the session ID is known) in an indirect way. See this post for a discussion with details.
    Unfortunately, there are various alternatives, depending on the Server version, edition and license in use. If you are running a 7.0 Server in Community edition, you can refer to the Presto case.

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    Hi Dario.

    It worked! I've followed the Presto case example.

    Thank you.



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