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    Exclamation Odd problem with cookies

    We have several cookies that are maintained by our web site. Some of those cookies have values that have '|' in them. Whenever we hit one of our pages that has a LS component on them, the cookies that have '|' disappear after about a minute or so.

    I've changed our code to use a different separator in our cookie values, but thought it was odd.

    Noticed that several LS cookies also have '|' in them, and that the lscommon.js modifies document.cookie. So I'm assuming that something is trying to parse the whole cookie list based on '|' separators, and losing cookies.

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    sorry for the delay, busy days
    you're right there is an error in the code that recognizes our own cookies.

    I'll fix it soon and let you know.

    Thank you for your report.



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