Just getting to grips with LS so am 'climbing the mountain' ( Never dreamed I'd be learning new stuff at 60! Should be on a flippin' beach somewhere with a MaiTai ! )

I've got a basic set-up running. Data is subscribed from an MQTT server by a 'feed processor' which does a bunch of stuff with the data, stores it on a database, monitors etc etc

My feed adaptor then subscribes to additional 'Ui topics' triggered by the back end. Each time an event with Ui significance occurs the LS apaptor identifies the endpojnt ( by its MAC address passed in the MQTT message )

Lets say I'm monitoring the status of a bunch of switches ( several hundred ), so I have switch MAC address ( a 16 character string ) and a status, on/off which is what I want to display. A simple table with MAC address as the identifier, row identifier, index, whatever you want to call it. The data associated with each update is of course the switch status passed from the live status and say the switch location retrieved from a database. A Simple UI!

My current Adaptor, cobbled together from the samples and Documentation feeds single updates to the front end ( JavaScript ) and updates the UI...... but only a single line ever gets displayed.

The bit I am missing and failing to understand is how I map the MAC address to a row number in the table.

AIUI the UI page has no knowledge of MAC addresses when the first connection is made, it just knows it's going to be listening to a bunch of status messages. ( I have a suspicion that the Meta adaptor has a lot to do with this but the docs are not really clear on explaining this bit beyond - here's a sample go to it! )

Some of the Adaptor examples use a single subscription per row in the table, I'm failing to bridge the gap as to how I pass the details of the row ID's to the UI so that subscriptions can be formed and, as the Adaptor instance needs a connection to a database ( to get the switch location data ) I don't want to have several thousand subscriptions all maintaining connections to both MQTT and JDBC!

What I think I need is:
A web page session is started, connection made to 'SWITCH STATUS' adaptor

SWITCH STATUS then feeds a snapshot of ALL possible switch ids to a proxy type object ( smartupdate? Dynagrid? )

UI then displays the data ( first 20? sorted? paged sets? )

The adaptor feeds all switch updates to the websocket with lightstreamer and the UI page working together to only display the current ones on screen.

Would appreciate some help for an old dog enjoying learning new tricks!