We have GI as web client to stream data for a single page. I have tried to do a POC on the approach.

I have taken GIDemo_Basic(STockMarketdemo) which does NOT use pagebus as a base. I have taken literal adapter as the meta data adapter and the modified the JMS adapter example provided according to our needs. All the EMS server which host queues, Tomcat server for GI and the AMS server are present in the same host (local host). The GI app light stream engine is successfully connected to AMS server. The modified adapter code works well when I tested through eclipse (it subscribes receives message to and from the two JMS queues (local queues).

The AMS server starts good with the configured adapters, calls init and establishes queue connections(from log messages). But it is not able to listen to messages from the queue and AMS server is not calling the subscribe method of the Data adapter for the GI client connection. The subscriber method signature is the same as given in the sample and is pasted below:

public void subscribe(String itemName, Object itemHandle,
boolean needsIterator) throws SubscriptionException,
FailureException {

Please let me know where the issue can be or how can I debug it. I appreciate if any one can kindly help me in resolving the issue.

Ganesh K