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    Subscribed item format


    I'm coding an adapter based on the stock list demo and I am using a modified version of the python client for stock list demo to test it. Problem is that we have items with the following format: [digits]:[digits or letters]. In the adapters.xml I have:

    When I use the python client to subscribe an item like "10:100000090003" I got the following error at the server log:

    10-mai-19 17:59:39,867|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 1 |Refused request: Metadata Provider refusal: Mode MERGE is not supported for item 10:100000090003 on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from

    The python client also receive an error from the server.

    When I try other regular expressions like this very permissive ".*:.*" I got another error:

    0-mai-19 18:02:56,751|ERROR|L.subscriptions |SERVER POOLED THREAD 7 |Subscription error for item 10:100000090003 on CDS_ADAPTER.QOMET_ADAPTER: Unexpected item: 10:100000090003

    In this case, the python client doesn't receive an error.

    What's wrong here? The regex? The item format? I didn't found a documentation about item format. If there is one please point me to the right direction.

    Our adapter is already working if we update/subscribe items with names like the demo ("item1", "item2" or "test") but we really need to use items with the format specified above.

    Thanks in advance!
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