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    Couldn't find java SE client class in Lightstreamer 7.0

    I downloaded
    But I couldn't find java class like LightstreamerClient in any of jar file in that zip..

    However, if I build Lightstreamer-example-Quickstart-client-java-master with maven, I can find LightstreamerClient class in ls-javase-client-4.0.0.jar.

    For developing simple java SE client with Lightstreamer 7.0, where I can find class like LightstreamerClient and what should we put in java classpath ?
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    Java SE Client library is available on Lightstreamer public repository.
    For an example using Maven to resolve dependencies, refer to the Quickstart demo.
    More demos are available here.

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    Thanks for the response.
    Maven resolved the dependency to ls-javase-client-4.0.0.jar

    But that's not in
    Based on the download page, should include java SE client
    v. 4.3.0 build 1325.1.
    But I couldn't find any ls-javase-client-4.x.0.jar in the
    Then how do we use for developing java SE client?

    Do we have
    ls-javase-client-4.3.0.jar somewhere?

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    The distribution doesn’t contain the Java SE library because nowadays automatic dependency management systems as Maven, Gradle or Ant+Ivy are much better alternatives to manual management.

    The README file in the distribution folder DOCS-SDKs/sdk_client_java_se/lib explains how to configure the major build tools to import the Java SE client library.

    In the CHANGELOG of the server you can find the list of released versions with notes about compatibility, bugfixes and enhancements.



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