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    ActionScript/JavaScript Bridge Released!

    We are happy to announce that the SDK for the development of Flash and Flex clients of Lightstreamer is now officially available.

    The new SDK contains an ActionScript/JavaScript Bridge that enables any Flash or Flex application based on ActionScript to receive live data from Lightstreamer Server through the Web Client.

    The resources included in the SDK comprise the JavaScript and ActionScript parts of the Bridge, together with the jsdoc of the API and some full examples with source code.

    The Bridge requires ActionScript 2 or greater, Flash Player 8 or greater and Lightstreamer Web Client 4.1 build 1290 or greater.

    The new SDK is available as part of the standard Lightstreamer software distribution from

    In the future we will also release a native ActionScript library that will not require the JS Bridge.

    Eager to know your feedbacks!

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    Talking Need Source code for Flash Files provided in sdk samples

    I have gone through the API and when i tried to use it, i faced some compilation problems.Majorly on ExternalInterface.addCallBack() which passes more than 2 parameters.But i could see the Flex API AS2 or AS3 supporting only 2 parameters.

    Need suggestions on using the LS Flex/JS brigge API with actual source code of Flash files.


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    The javascript bridge is Javascript/AS2 code.

    Note that you don't need to use the addCallback method to use it. Just include the file in your flash code and use the API you find here:

    Note that in AS2 the addCallback method has 3 parameters:



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