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    Multiple create_session.js calls made before successfully establishing the connection

    I am using lightstreamer version 6 web client to connect to the LS server. I have observed in network logs that multiple create_session.js call is made before the connection is established successfully.

    LS_cause for the first call is new.api
    and for others it is timeout.11.0

    Due to this, my initial request for data is delayed significantly. Let me know if this can be fixed in any way.

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    The client issues multiple create_session requests because the server doesn’t send a response to the client. You can reduce the number of issued requests increasing the timeout interval the client waits for before attempting a new request (see ConnectionOptions#setConnectTimeout). The default is 4 seconds.

    Anyway I suggest you to investigate whether there are connectivity problem on your network before setting a connect timeout too big.



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