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    param in adapter xml


    Is there a way to share the param value across multiple data providers. Can we use the shared property in metadata_provider section or suggest any better option.


    <data_provider name="ADAPTER_ONE">
    <param name="userName">myusername</param>
    <param name="password">mypassword</param>
    <data_provider name="ADAPTER_TWO">
    <param name="userName">myusername</param>
    <param name="password">mypassword</param>
    <data_provider name="ADAPTER_THREE">
    <param name="userName">myusername</param>
    <param name="password">mypassword</param>

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    Defining the shared properties once for the Metadata Adapter is a possibility.
    However, this requires that the Data Adapters can get a pointer to the related Metadata Adapter.
    This is not directly provided, but you can easily achieve this, by considering the following hints (note: this assumes in--process java adapters; for remote adapters there may be some complications):
    • The Metadata Adapter for an Adapter Set has a unique identifier which it receives as the "" parameter in the params Map upon init(). All Data Adapters in the same Adapter Set receive the same parameter. Hence the Metadata Adapter can register itself in a static Map by using this identifier.
    • You should set <metadata_adapter_initialised_first> as Y in adapters.xml. This ensures that init() is invoked on the various Data Adapters only after the invocation of init() on the Metadata Adapter has terminated.
    • The <classloader> setting for all Adapters should be left as "common".

    Our demos show examples of communications between the Adapters, although in slightly different contexts. Se the Chat Demo for instance:

    Another possibility, available since Server version 6.1, is to refer to JVM properties.
    In this case you will not save the <param> elements, but there you can just refer to common JVM properties and then you can specify the common values elsewhere once.
    See <enable_expansion_for_adapters_config> in the Server's main configuration file.



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