Hey all! I have a localhost lightstreamer server set up and upon a single connection it gives me this message in the logs folder Lightstreamer/logs/Lightstreamer.txt:
"Failed to manage IO task from [ip address]" . Then below that, it goes into detail:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.lightstreamer.c.d.o
at com.lightstreamer.c.d.b.j(b.java)
at com.lightstreamer.c.d.b.a(b.java)
at com.lightstreamer.c.a.b.ab.n(ab.java)
at com.lightstreamer.c.a.b.q.b(q.java)
at com.lightstreamer.c.a.b.o.run(o.java)

I am running jdk-11 and just have no clue what class this even is or what it's dependent on. Any direction would be helpful. Thank you guys so much for your time!