I am unable to access content that I believe is being streamed with Lightstreamer . I am using a Firefox browser (because of Flashplayer issues with IE8), I have updated my Flashplayer and Java, but every time I go to the client page, I get nothing in the streaming window and any attempt to input chat takes me to http://internet.newlifechurch.tv/live-ajax.php, with an error message that says: $("loginbox").fade("in"); I have tried a variety of browsers, but nothing works.

I have talked to the content provider and we have been unable to diagnose what my problem is. My operating system is Windows 7 on a 64 bit HP CQ5300Y with AMD Sempron Processor LE-1300.

I thought downloading the Lightstreamer program might help me, but I realized it is for setting up streaming content, not accessing content that already exists. Am I missing a program that must be installed on my computer? I've been attempting to fix this for weeks and have come up with with no solution... please help.

Thank you!
Jim Hammer