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    how to reconnect after wifi disconnect and connect

    my streaming frozen after internet disconnection . which method i have to i use for reconnect and wait for connection

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    All the latest client libraries automatically reconnect as soon as the connectivity is restored. In a completely transparent way for the application that does not have to do anything.
    Please could you specify the client library type (and the version) in use?


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    hi , i am using this Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client -Version 3.1.6640.22649 on when wifi switched off interface invoke close method . when open again service didn't resume on same session

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    Unfortunately the DotNet Client is one of the client libraries that does not support automatic re-connection and automatic re-subscription yet.
    Indeed, it provides a session recovery mechanism that under certain circumstances can allow the client session to survive to a temporary network outage.

    But please note that the recovery mechanism is triggered only in certain cases depending on client-side circumstances as the exact type of event that the client receives from the network, but also on the server side where can be configured the time a session can be kept alive, after the interruption of a connection at network level, waiting for the Client to attempt a recovery.

    So, could you confirm if you have changed the <session_recovery_millis> parameter in lightstreamer_conf.xml server configuration file?
    Please also could you confirm when you receive the IConnectionListener.OnClose Method? Just after the wifi switched off or when the network has been restored? Did you receive also a OnFailure call?

    Anyway, if you can leverage the Client library log it would be a great help to understand what happens.
    You could refer on this class from our demo, based on log4net, and initialize it with something like this:

     Server.SetLoggerProvider(new Log4NetLoggerProviderWrapper());
    Please be sure to set to DEBUG all log levels (




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