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    TESTING with any external tools

    Do we have any tools like postman to do testing for LS connections.


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    Hello Rajesh, If I understand correctly, you are interested in functional tests, not in load tests.
    We don't provide tools for that.
    Existing tools can be used as long as they support one of the various interfaces we expose.
    Note that we offer interfaces at two different levels: at HTTP/WebSocket level and at functional level in various programming languages through our client libraries.
    However, the interface offered at functional level is very different from the one offered at HTTP/WebSocket level, because it adds many features (and these features are the same across different languages only for the "unified" SDKs).

    As far as I understand, Postman operates only at HTTP/WebSocket level.
    Does this mean that you are developing an application that leverages our "SDK for Generic Clients"?

    The feasibility of the use of such a tool depends on its support for streaming.
    If you use Server version 7, the SDK for Generic Clients is based on the TLCP protocol, which supports WebSockets.
    So, support for WebSocket interaction by the tool would be desired.
    If you give up using WebSockets, you should at least use HTTP streaming, which means that, upon a HTTP request, you should not expect an atomic response, but a progressive response, also determined by subsequent requests issued in parallel.
    So, the tool should at least allow you to simulate that.



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