I am trying to find more information on documentation for how to implement the following scenario without any luck.

My client is written in JavaScript and my server in .NET, and so I use the .net adapter.

A user connects with the LS server and tries to subscribe, let say to ItemA and ItemB. The ItemA subscription is allowed by default for all users, the ItemB is allowed because this user have bought a premium service for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, user must continue to receive data for ItemA and stop receive data for ItemB. The web client should not hard-refresh (preferably not even change the session) and server must not send to this session data for ItemB, even if client has not made any action (client handler has crashed)

Note that many users are connected to both tables if that matters.

So, my questions are:

  • How my server can stop transmit data for a table to a specific session?
  • How my server can force a session to disconnect?
  • What functions should I use from the .net adapter?