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    Need to serve multiple domains from single adapter

    My requirement is I have to serve stock rates to multiple domain which connected with single LS server. I have stock source from my LS server. I have to push this stock list to different domain client.
    and also I have to create multiple result set, for every individual I have stored some data in redis. I have to get that data and calculate with stock data and then have to serve for individual domains. Is it possible to do like this.

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    Hi rvkvino,

    I confirm that multiple domains could be handled by simply configuring your network to redirect requests for the various domains on the same port.
    Or if you prefer, you can define in lightstreamer_conf.xml different <http_server> each listening on a different <ip : port> and associate each of them to a different domain.
    But if HTTPS is involved there is a further complication with respect to HTTP, as the TLS/SSL handshake requires that the server sends a SSL Certificate consistent with the hostname used by the client to access the server.
    Since the TLS/SSL handshake is usually performed before the application protocol (HTTP) can start the server has no way of determining the hostname used (usually reported in the “Host” HTTP header) and must assume it in advance.
    In case the same server should be accessed with two or more different hostnames, it can’t but issue a certificate which is consistent with all such names. This is possible by using Wildcard SSL Certificates or Multi-Domain SSL Certificates.
    When such a Multi-Domain certificate cannot be obtained, it is still possible to stick to multiple SingleDomain certificates and leverage different ports.

    About your second question, in the Metadata interface you should consider that notifyuser and notifyNewSession you are provided with some information about the client and you should be able to retrieve the origin of the request.
    Now you can match this information in the getItems method to customize item for different domain.

    Please let us know if you need any further clarifications.




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