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    Get the real time price by subscription


    I have written an console app as below

    class Program    {
            static void Main(string[] args)
                var lightStreamClient = new LSClient();
                var connectionInfo = new ConnectionInfo
                    PushServerUrl = "",
                    Adapter = "STREAMINGALL"
                connectionInfo.User = "xxxxxxx";
                connectionInfo.Password = "xxxxxxxx";
                lightStreamClient.OpenConnection(connectionInfo, new MyConnectionListener());
                var tableInfo = new ExtendedTableInfo(new[] { "item1" },
                        "MarketId", "TickDate", "Bid", "Offer", "Price", "High",
                        "Low", "Change", "Direction", "AuditId"
                    }, true);
                tableInfo.DataAdapter = "PRICES";
                var tableKey = lightStreamClient.SubscribeTable(tableInfo, new MyTableListener(), false);
                Console.WriteLine("Press a key to quit...");
            class MyConnectionListener : IConnectionListener
                public void OnDataError(PushServerException ex)
                    Console.WriteLine("Exception: {0}", ex);
                public void OnFailure(PushServerException ex) { }
                public void OnFailure(PushConnException ex) { }
                public void OnConnectionEstablished() { }
                public void OnSessionStarted(bool isPolling) { }
                public void OnNewBytes(long bytes) { }
                public void OnActivityWarning(bool warningOn) { }
                public void OnClose() { }
                public void OnEnd(int cause) { }
            class MyTableListener : IHandyTableListener
                public void OnUpdate(int itemPos, string itemName, IUpdateInfo update)
                    Console.WriteLine("\nMyTableListener.OnUpdate - ItemPos:{0} - itemName:{1}", itemPos, itemName);
                    for (int index = 1; index < update.NumFields + 1; index++)
                        Console.WriteLine("oldValue:{0} -> newValue:{1}", update.GetOldValue(index), update.GetNewValue(index));
                public void OnSnapshotEnd(int itemPos, string itemName) { }
                public void OnRawUpdatesLost(int itemPos, string itemName, int lostUpdates) { }
                public void OnUnsubscr(int itemPos, string itemName) { }
                public void OnUnsubscrAll() { }

    I want to use that code to get the real time price for symbol USD/CAD or EUR/USD from the Gain Capital API. But it always returns null in method "OnUpdate" of class "MyTableListener".
    Would you please explain why it doesn't work? Also, please show me how I can get the historic data for these symbol?

    I'm a newbie with LightStreamer. So any suggestion will be very helpful. Thanks a lot!

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    Your code seems correct to me, but from your description of the issue the most probable cause is that the list of field names is not correct.
    But please consider that we are not involved in Gain Capital API application management. So you should double check with them if all the prarametrees of your subscription are compliant.

    And also for the retrieve of historic series you should ask them if they provide specific Items for this purpose.




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