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    Exclamation Android Client Reconnection

    I was evaluating lightstreamer for our use case hence setup lighstreamer server with demo licence using Lightstreamer 7.0.0 build 20180228. Server setup was fine and working. For android client I was trying the reconnect scenario in case user lose internet connectivity and then regain connectivity. For this on android client i manually turned off internet and few seconds later I turned the internet on, but the client did not reconnected and gave status as disconnected as soon as internet connectivity was restored. I enabled logging on android client and will be posting the logs below but the unexpected thing which came was the below logs:

    Response status: 200
    HTTP transport receiving [6872be06]:
    CONERR,4,Insufficient data for recovery
    New message: CONERR,4,Insufficient data for recovery
    HTTP channel released [6872be06]
    Error event while SLEEP reason: recovery.error
    (recovery.error) Unexpected error event while session is an non-active status: SLEEP
    Session state change: SLEEP -> OFF
    Protocol dismissed

    On server side I saw the following logs:

    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,406|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Serving request: /lightstreamer/create_session.txt?LS_protocol=TLCP-2.1.0 --> LS_polling=true&LS_cause=new.api&LS_polling_millis =0&LS_idle_millis=0&LS_cid=gpGxttxdysogQz2FJ4L93dX oqoH5P8l&LS_adapter_set=HOST& on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,718|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Starting new session: Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 (android_client 4.0.2 build 131) on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,813|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Serving request: bind_session -> LS_cause=loop1&LS_session=Sf1045063604148feM60cT20 44649& on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,819|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Attaching session: Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,881|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Serving request: control -> LS_reqId=1&LS_op=add&LS_subId=1&LS_mode=MERGE&LS_g roup=gamestate&LS_schema=message timestamp&LS_data_adapter=HOST_ADAPTER&LS_snapshot =true&LS_session=Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649& on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,909|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Controlling session: Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:21:37,434|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Recovering session Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:21:37,435|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Refused request: Recovery for event 5 failed on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:21:51,042|INFO |L.requests |PUMP POOLED THREAD 4 |Closed session Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 with internal cause code: 38/5 (Connection interrupted by client).

    Attached are complete client logs for reference

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The failure of the recovery itself is possible if the Server is unreachable for long time.
    This seems consistent with your case, if you have left the factory configuration.
    This time can be configured with the <session_recovery_millis> configuration element.

    After the failure, the client library was supposed to open a brand new session, but didn't do it.
    This is certainly an error, that seems caused by a race condition among the various events occurred.
    We will publish a fixed library as soon as possible and will let you know here.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    We have uploaded a fixed version of the library.
    You can now refer to library version 4.0.3 from our maven repository.

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    Hi Dario, I need your help for LightStreamer android client has been constantly crashing Ive the error logs where am I supposed to send them?
    Shawn Yadav
    Showbox Mobdro Tutuapp

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    Hi Shawn,

    Please could you attach your logs here (if not too big).




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