I am trying to run the JavaSE Quickstart client via Windows command prompt with no success. I am not seeing any messages from the connect() so I suspect it is not reaching the server (localhost). When I run using the supplied Maven command, it runs as expected. I traced the pom.xml and downloaded the netty jars listed. To be clear, the code from git hub is complete, I think Maven is accessing something behind the scenes that I am not replicating in my manual execution.

For my purposes, a prospective implementation would be messaging between two internal Java programs behind the firewall so reliance on a Maven command that requires contact with an external repository is not ideal and browser options are not applicable. I would like a full understanding of this process but documentation is sparse or I am not looking in the right place.

I looked through all the pages in this forum (at 35 pages, a practice in patience) and did not see a similar question. Apparently, I am missing something obvious.

Thank you in advance.