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    MPN module - MismatchSenderId issue


    We are using lightstreamer, beside other things, to send android notifications using lightstreamer mpn module. It worked mostly with no problems, but now we started to get this exception when trying to send notification:

    Internal exception caught while sending notification: GCM service error: MismatchSenderId
    com.lightstreamer.h.k: GCM service error: MismatchSenderId
    at com.lightstreamer.h.d.n.b(
    at com.lightstreamer.h.d.n.b(
    at com.lightstreamer.h.d.s.d(
    at com.lightstreamer.l.c.aj.b(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ (

    We checked everything and senderID and server api key have correct values

    We are using
    Lightstreamer Server Allegro-Presto-Vivace version 6.1.0 build 1817
    Android client 1.2

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    did you recently migrate your project from GCM to Firebase Cloud Messaging? If this is the case, the migration has probably changed your sender ID.

    Since Server version 6.1 still uses GCM, you should ensure that you specify the sender ID you had before the migration. Using it everything should work correctly, at least until Google enforces the migration a year from now.

    Let us know if this is of help.
    Best regards,




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