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    Exclamation Android Client Reconnection

    I was evaluating lightstreamer for our use case hence setup lighstreamer server with demo licence using Lightstreamer 7.0.0 build 20180228. Server setup was fine and working. For android client I was trying the reconnect scenario in case user lose internet connectivity and then regain connectivity. For this on android client i manually turned off internet and few seconds later I turned the internet on, but the client did not reconnected and gave status as disconnected as soon as internet connectivity was restored. I enabled logging on android client and will be posting the logs below but the unexpected thing which came was the below logs:

    Response status: 200
    HTTP transport receiving [6872be06]:
    CONERR,4,Insufficient data for recovery
    New message: CONERR,4,Insufficient data for recovery
    HTTP channel released [6872be06]
    Error event while SLEEP reason: recovery.error
    (recovery.error) Unexpected error event while session is an non-active status: SLEEP
    Session state change: SLEEP -> OFF
    Protocol dismissed

    On server side I saw the following logs:

    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,406|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Serving request: /lightstreamer/create_session.txt?LS_protocol=TLCP-2.1.0 --> LS_polling=true&LS_cause=new.api&LS_polling_millis =0&LS_idle_millis=0&LS_cid=gpGxttxdysogQz2FJ4L93dX oqoH5P8l&LS_adapter_set=HOST& on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,718|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Starting new session: Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 (android_client 4.0.2 build 131) on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,813|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Serving request: bind_session -> LS_cause=loop1&LS_session=Sf1045063604148feM60cT20 44649& on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,819|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Attaching session: Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,881|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Serving request: control -> LS_reqId=1&LS_op=add&LS_subId=1&LS_mode=MERGE&LS_g roup=gamestate&LS_schema=message timestamp&LS_data_adapter=HOST_ADAPTER&LS_snapshot =true&LS_session=Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649& on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:20:44,909|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 9 |Controlling session: Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:21:37,434|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Recovering session Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:21:37,435|INFO |L.requests |SERVER POOLED THREAD 10 |Refused request: Recovery for event 5 failed on "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" from
    21-Mar-18 10:21:51,042|INFO |L.requests |PUMP POOLED THREAD 4 |Closed session Sf1045063604148feM60cT2044649 with internal cause code: 38/5 (Connection interrupted by client).

    Attached are complete client logs for reference

    Click image for larger version. 

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