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    Connect Tibco EMS


    I am trying to listen Tibco ems queue, but couldn,t connect it. here is sample code:
    var jms = require('lightstreamer-jms-client');

    jms.ConnectionFactory.createConnection("https://server:7222", "TIBCO", null, null, {
    onConnectionCreated: function(conn) {
    onException: function(exception) {
    // Handle exceptions here

    var session = conn.createSession(false, "AUTO_ACK");
    var queue = session.createQueue("wf.application.Output");
    var producer = session.createProducer(queue, null);

    var msg = session.createTextMessage("some text");


    onConnectionFailed: function(errorCode, errorMessage) {
    // Handle server errors here, e.g.:
    alert("Server error: " + errorCode + " " + errorMessage);
    onLSClient: function(lsClient) {

    // Add connection status logging (optional)
    onStatusChange: function(newStatus) {


    Please help me if I am doing some this wrong.

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    Good morning,

    unfortunately you can't connect directly to TIBCO EMS from a JavaScript client using the JMS Extender APIs: you need a JMS Extender instance running on the back-end. The JMS Extender acts as a gateway, the JavaScript client connects to the JMS Extender, which in turn connects to TIBCO EMS.

    You can download the JMS Extender distribution from our download page. Follow the GETTING STARTED.TXT document, which already includes steps for configuring TIBCO EMS as a back-end JMS broker.

    Once your JMS Extender instance is up and running, in your code above you just need to change the server URL from https://server:7222 to the address of your JMS Extender. The code itself looks correct, you should see your message delivered to the wf.application.Output queue.

    Note: we have a forum section dedicated to the JMS Extender and its client APIs. In case you should open a new thread just recall to post it there, so we keep discussions in topic. You can continue this thread here.

    Let us know if you need any other help.
    Best regards,




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