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    Problems connection .Net Desktop Client to Server using HTTPS

    When trying to log on to Lightstreamer from my .Net desktop application using HTTPS I receive an error.

    "SSL read error: Inbound closed before receiving peer's close_notify: possible truncation attack?"

    I have set up the lightstreamer_conf.xml file according to directions in the file. What does this error mean and what am I missing to be able to connect using HTTPS?


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    The error is generated by the JDK SSL management API.
    It signals that the client has closed the socket abruptly while the Server was trying to read from the socket.
    We don't suppress messages like that, but we have never seen them associated to any malfunctioning.

    Even in your case, it seems that the initial handshake has been successful and that the client disconnects later.
    Can you confirm that the whole operation fails and that the issue occurs on a regular basis?
    In that case, may you please show us the Server log with the LightstreamerLogger.connections and LightstreamerLogger.connections.ssl log4j categories set at DEBUG level?



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