I have a web front-end using Lightstreamer Vivace, connecting to a .Net MetaDataAdapter and DataAdapter running as a Windows service. I am using the RobustNetworkedMetadataProvider.

Everything works well, except in one specific scenario that I hope someone can help me with:

When the Lightstreamer service (my .Net DataAdapters) fails and restarts (or is restarted manually), a whole load of the following errors appear in the LS log file:

09-Jul-10 13:55:32,435 |ERROR|rs.remote.data.RemoteDataProvider|MEPricesData Reply Receiver|Exception caught while subscribing to item 'item1'
com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.RemotingException: Generic exception on remote side: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
	at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.data.DataProviderProtocol.readSubscribe(DataProviderProtocol.java:83)
	at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.data.RemoteDataProvider$2.onReplyReceived(RemoteDataProvider.java:207)
	at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.RequestSender.onNotifyReceived(RequestSender.java:296)
	at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.NotifyReceiver.onNotifyReceived(NotifyReceiver.java:177)
	at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.NotifyReceiver.run(NotifyReceiver.java:95)
The problem is none of the clients are notified of the errors, so I've no way of taking corrective action. My JS code includes the following:

Also, if I stop the streaming, then restart it (via JS's changeStatus() method), then the first time I do it no updates are sent back to the client. If I do it a second time, the correct snapshot is sent.

On the client side I set
I've also tried playing with close_notifications_recovery and events_recovery in the adapter.xml, but to no avail.

Any help much appreciated.