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    How to deploy on an external Web Server?

    I have followed the instructions on the HOW_TO_DEPLOY_ON_YOUR_WEB_SERVER.TXT document and I have successfully got the StockListDemo app working on WebLogic.

    However, when I tried to deploy my test app onto WebLogic I get the status 'Streaming system is connecting'. My test app works perfectly on the local LightStreamer instance.

    The only change that I have thought to make was to change the value in the lsEngine.connection.setAdapterName() call in the commons/custom/misc.js to that of the adapter_class in my adapter.xml.

    Should I be using a separate misc.js or should I be editing any other files?

    Thanks in advance...

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    The lsEngine.connection.setAdapterName() setting should receive the name you configure in the "id" property of the <adapters_conf> element of your adapters.xml, not the <adapter_class>.

    If that setting is currently wrong, you should also notice error messages in the Server log when your client tries to connect.



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