I am using an older version of the Lightstreamer iOS Client (1.4.3) and I want to update to the latest one. I saw that the newest version of the Native iOS Client is 1.4.5, but the most recent version for the Unified Client is 3.0.1. Is there a major difference between the two?

I am already linking an old version of j2objc, can you tell me what version you are using for the unified client?

I saw in this post https://github.com/Lightstreamer/Lig...-java/issues/3 that you will make the java client open source, yet I did not find it anywhere. Is it possible to get hold of the sources so I could compile them with my version of j2objc? If not, can I get a version of the iOS Unified Client that doesn't link j2objc?

Thank you,
Radu Carlig