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    Red face newbie ask: Web client by pre-installed locally?

    Hi there,

    I am a newbie for LS and now planning and doing my first LS Web Client App according to a business scenario.

    Now we are requested to think of a fat web client deployment like following:
    1. all static html, images, LS javascripts will be pre-installed and initiated/run locally from client devices, probably mobile phones, in order to speed up the initialization process because of bandwidth limit.
    2. set up connection to LS server and only get updated data pushed from there.

    my question is:
    Is that possible for LS to make such deployment happened only by changing some settings of Web Client API, which brings most convenience for us,

    or we need to totally re-think of using other fat clients API like Java/.Net/Flash/Silverlight Client API for this requirement?

    many thx in advanced.


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    A Web Client for Lightstreamer is bound to obeying the domain policy restrictions imposed by the browsers.
    Hence, if your client loads the static content with a "localhost" or "file:" url, the pages won't be able to interoperate with the remote content coming from LS Server.

    On the other hand, if your client loads the page from a remote host but you could manage to prepare the browser cache in such a way that all requests were handled locally, then interoperation would be possible.
    By the way, you might achieve the same by accessing the pages in http from the local host and playing on the "hosts" file, but this would probably be unfeasible in your scenario.

    The other types of clients that you have mentioned don't have the same restrictions.
    Another option, also available in html, would be to bypass LS Web Client Library and exploit the "sdk for generic clients", by having your pages request the contents from LS Server via XMLHttpRequest; in that case, depending on the browser, you might not have a way of downloading pages in streaming and might have to use long polling.



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