I've created a data adapter that is started with a bat file, and of course this works without any problems. So I decided to see how I could convert this to a windows service. Using VS2010, I created a class that inherits from the windows "ServiceBase" class. I also implement the Lightstreamer IDataProvider interface in this class. The problem I'm encountering is the ServiceBase implements their OnStart/OnStop methods while at the same time I need to implement the Lightstreamer Init method. I can get one set of methods called, but not the other. So in short I see the service starting, but the Init method is never called.

After viewing some other forum posts it would seem that this is a generic problem others are encountering. I'm seeing requests to have the Lightstreamer server to start it's data adapters or somehow have the adapters auto start. In a production environment I really don't see an admin having to remember to restart the adapters after a machine reboot/reconfiguration. Ideally the Lightstreamer server would have a configuration parameter that lists it's adapters for startup. I'm thinking most environments run their adapters on the same machine as the server - take a poll!